Company Profile

Paceboat Yacht Limited is a Hong Kong based company in specialize for building custom designed Yacht and house-aboard. We have a team of professionals experienced and capable of advising you in choosing a design to meet your every need and suggesting additional advantages in order to get the most benefit for all clients. Our designers understand the concept behind the traditional yacht and house-aboard but also work with other engineers and professional for different kinds of boats.
Whilst we specialize in building yacht and house-aboard, we also have designers excited about using new materials and modern finishes to create more unusual interiors.  We always prefer the best material of its kind and well known brands for the mechanical parts of the yachts.
Our workforce, on the other hand, transforms advanced products into the most proper way to make your requests real. What we believe is that each yacht design incorporates the values of its owner; thus we offer you an experience in what your unique values are in the centre.

Mission Statement

To be the one of the best boat yard in the world to support all business partners and satisfy all our clients’ needs with quality services and excellent products.

“We make your dream boat become a reality.”

A dream comes true not just a moment of joy but a lifetime of happiness.